Time of my life - Reims 2015

This post is dedicated to all my friends from Reims. Thank you for being the best part of my life 

No one could expect that living in "the lamest city in France" may turn into such a great adventure. Even though our rooms seemed disgusting, no one spoke English in the city centre (pas possible!?) and the internet wasn't working for the first 3 days the moment I met You all changed everything. And then the party started :) Meeting sweet Romania, hot Mexico, classy England, bombastic half of Venezuela, crazy Italy, cute Chile, party Poland and many many others made this journey amazing! Such open-minded, friendly and happy people are the most precious in your life. Time from the day one until saying "see you soon", leaving in one residence and sharing the washing powder made us a family :P I hope you will never forget how boring it was before everyone entered to la Bodega, that beer was 5 Euros, and only MacDonald's had free Wi-Fi. That the food in the cafeteria was always so tasty, that our work in lab deserved a Nobel Prize and that you could eat cotton candy in the break. That we heard so many Latin sounds while being actually in France, shared pancakes with Nutella, ate kebab and then saved the world ;) Of course Paris is always a good idea but Reims was a better choice :) Hope you all gonna have a really happy life :) Vă iubesc! :*

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